sf dog connect dog obedience training otis I feel like we’re in Vegas watching a magic act!

Tami L, Berkeley





robertL - sf dog training client Beverly Ulbrich is a Bay Area Treasure. As first time dog owners, we were way in over our heads with a difficult breed. She responded immediately to our call for help. We set up a consultation at her home, where she examined us and the new dog, and came up with a mutually agreed upon plan and cost. She saved our happy lives!

Like anything else in life, you get what you put into her program. There was hard work and lots to digest. Each meeting in her home had a particular issue, which was covered with discussion and demonstrations. We were given printed materials, the necessary tools, a specific plan of action, and told to contact her when ready for the next step. No issue was too small or too big for her to tackle. The results were immediate and awesome.

She is highly skilled, deeply knowledgeable, fearless, focused, consistent, devoted, friendly and funny . She never wavered in her support nor hesitated to correct either us or the dog if we were making mistakes, no matter how many times she needed to. Her love of humans and dogs is a gift beyond measure.

Robert L, San Francisco


jacqueline bennett sf dog connect private dog training I have nothing but positive things to say about Beverly.

I am currently training two eight-month-old puppies with her and we’ve been attending training session for about three months. I’ve lost count of the compliments I’ve received on how well-trained my pups are. Restaurants that don’t normally allow dogs (even outside) allow my pups to sit next to me on the patio. People can’t believe they are only eight-months-old!

At the consultation, Beverly was able to assess each dog’s personality almost immediately. The dogs learn so quickly from her and she has never been aggressive or mean to them.

The bottom line is you have to do the work. This is not some place you drop your dogs off for two weeks and expect them to come home fully trained. Beverly know dogs and knows what they respond to. She teaches you the methods but you have to practice them with your dogs on a regular basis. And you do it at your own pace. She isn’t going to be hounding you with calls making sure you’re doing your homework; it’s up to you to complete the tasks she demonstrates for you and then call her to set up another appointment when you are ready to move on.

There have never been any communication issues. Beverly always makes times for any questions I may have, whether it be training or even their general health. I’m new to dog ownership and one of my little guys has been sick twice; both times I turned to Beverly for advice and she responded immediately, even following up the next day to make sure everything was better.

I highly recommend Beverly!

Jacqueline B., San Francisco


nikki-max - dog training client Beverly is very intuitive and heart-felt in her connection with dogs. She has been incredibly generous with her time with me and my dog Max.

I have been astounded each time I see her with her own dog who is incredibly well behaved.. the proof is in the pudding with that one..

I feel that Beverly cares about where the issue begins with the dog and not only the solution for the problem. She is helping me understand why my dog reacts in certain ways and is helping me fix the problems… Thanks so much Beverly..

Nikki B, San Francisco

sf vicious and dangerous dog court

We’ve used Beverly on a number of cases and found that she was extremely valuable . Her advice was practical and down to earth. It was things that people could do. The results were that you’d have an animal that would be a much better pet for you, and a dog that was very safe…. With the cases that we worked on with Beverly, we never had any repeat offenders, and we even had people call us and write us thank you cards…. Beverly is a great asset to the people of San Francisco.

Sergeant Bill Herndon, SFPD and
Judge, SF Vicious & Dangerous Dog Court


rosey - sf aggressive dog training I think Beverly is amazing. She has been so wonderful with my dog Rosey. Rosey, who is now 14, had been badly behaved for most of her life. I couldn’t bring her places with me, even to my own parent’s house. She ran away the second the door opened, stole food off of counters and tables, and even attacked a friend’s dog over her food bowl. I had nowhere to turn, until I met Beverly. I had tried Doggie Boot Camp, the SPCA, individual trainers, to no avail. Beverly was firm yet kind and taught me as much as she did my dog. I know that Beverly does a lot in the community to aid dogs and people alike. She is a leader among canine friends, as well as humans. Thank you Beverly for making my life so much easier.

Nancy M, San Francisco


I adopted the most wonderful puppy (Freya) eight years ago Anyway, after that, I knew that she needed training. I asked my wife to find us good but reasonable training for her (dog not wife 🙂 ) She got a recommendation to work with Beverly. I cannot tell you how pleased we were and are with this woman and her business! She loves the dogs, and realizes that it’s not really they that need education, it’s we, the dog owners that need the training! In fact, if you expect to have a great dog without a lot of work on your part, this training may not be for you. We took Freya to Beverly, and our dog had a great time and so did we!

I hope to have Freya forever, she is truly the perfect dog and the ambassador of the neighborhood now. But if I get another, she will also go to school with Beverly! Simply a delight!

Aaron P, San Francisco

sf dog connect horse training

I met Beverly the Pooch Coach at a desperate time. My “perfect” 9 month old Cattle Dog Bulleit had hit puberty and was no longer a perfect companion on walks while I rode my horse. Beverly was the key to helping me and my dog get on a path towards an ultimate goal: my dog not showing aggression with my horse.

All in all, it took many months to work through the curriculum. It was frustrating to reenforce the basics from puppy class when what I wanted was to achieve an advanced goal. But Beverly was right and I’m glad I trusted her advice and followed her instruction. Once my dog Bulleit was 100% reliable with the basics of Sit, Stay and Come, everything started to fall into place. Most importantly, Beverly gave me confidence that I could continue to train my dog on my own. Working with her has made all the difference. Thanks Beverly!

Lisa D, San Francisco


The world was conquered through the understanding of dogs; the world exists through the understanding of dogs. – Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche