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Why you’re here

Everyone incorporates things into their lives so they can relax, or learn, or escape.  Perhaps you meditate, exercise or do athletics, have a hobby, read, drink, talk to your friends, work a lot, go to therapy, surf the Internet, or shop.  Everyone has their set of tools to cope.  Some tools are healthier than others. One of the healthy tools you have is your dog.  If you’ve read this far into my site, you’re here because your dog is one of your pleasures, teachers, escapes, joys and/or frustrations…. But, most importantly, he or she is your therapy.  Once you realize that your dog is here to teach you something, you’re ready.  Maybe you just need to learn something about dogs….  but, probably not.  You probably have more to learn than that.  Your dog is here to teach you something about life and enjoying it.  And, fundamentally, he or she is here to teach you about yourself.

I understand this not only because of my work with thousands of people and their dogs, but also because of my own journey over the years.  My current canine companion is named “Kompis” (compass) because I knew she would help me find direction in life (and that spelling also means “buddy” or “mate” in Swedish).   My practice is about figuring out how our dogs are reflecting back our emotional energy to us.  Once we learn what we are really saying to our dogs, then we will see that they’ve understood us all along.  They are doing just what we’ve taught them.   But now you are ready to teach your dog a new way to act/react/behave/calm down/etc.  So that means you are ready to learn a new trick or two as well!   Smile1

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Dog is God spelled backwards

“What a joy and a miracle it is to be able to spend time with a life form representing pure love.”
-Livingston Taylor