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Our dogs might love us unconditionally, but sometimes they don’t love everything, which can lead to embarrassment or even injury. SF Dog Connect will help get you and your dog comfortable around the things that make him nervous. Below are some common issues we’ve helped people with.

First, please note that fear & aggression are often one and the same thing. They are at most one quick flinch away from each other. When a dog reacts in fight/flight mode, this is literally the nanosecond of time when he’s making a “decision” to react with fear or aggression. It’s all just energy surging through him that needs to get released. We need to help make our dogs confident and relaxed and drain any pent up anxiety in a healthy manner. Then they can enjoy living up to their full, happy, loving potential.

Dog on dog aggression

Does your dog react poorly to other dogs? Does she bark or lunge, or just not allow polite sniffing? Has she gotten into fights?  Click here to understand

People aggression

Is your dog not comfortable with or easily handled by all people? Does he not allow new people to pet him? Is he over-protective of your home? Does he not allow you to groom him? Has he bitten someone?  Click here to understand

Child aggression

Does your dog get overly excited around children? Does he bark at them or jump on them or try to snap at them?  Click here to understand

Cat aggression

Does your dog torture your cat? Does your cat torture your dog? Has your dog attacked a neighborhood kitty?  Click here to understand

My dog hates bikes / motorcyles / skateboards / vacuum cleaners / etc.

Have you ever been shocked by your dog’s reaction to an inanimate object? Has he lunged or barked at a bike whizzing by, or started shaking when he heard a noise?   Click here to understand

Resource guarding

Does your dog protect his food? Have you tried to take his bone or bowl away and he growled or bit you? Does he attack other dogs that go for his ball?  Click here to understand


Is your dog fearful and shy? Is her tail always tucked? Do you feel like you have an unhappy soul and/or ticking time bomb on your hands?   Click here to understand


We are the SF Bay Area’s experts in dog aggression.  Request an evaluation today!


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