Dog Cat Aggression

Dog Cat Aggression

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Even though cats and dogs are different breeds, they can learn to play together and be best of friends. But, even if they do not learn to play, at a minimum they should be able to tolerate each other and not harm each other.  Here is some information and tips on dog cat aggression.

Adjustment time

Generally, you can expect dogs and cats to adjust to each other in about 2 months. It takes them that long to build trust and figure out how the other species interacts and communicates. The younger the cat/kitten, the better for the quickest and best possible adjustment. Puppies and dogs of all ages can learn to peacefully – and hopefully playfully – co-exist with their feline housemates. With help from a good behaviorist, you can speed up this process greatly.

Note that you’re going to have to train your cat(s) as well as your dog. Cats also need to learn to trust the trained dog, and they need to learn to not actively tease (torture 🙂 ) your dog. As in all relationships, it is a 2 way street!

When they don’t adjust

Sometimes a dog is used to and/or enjoys chasing cats (or other animals like squirrels or birds). And, sometimes an older cat just doesn’t come around to trusting a dog. But you don’t have to give up hope! With training, a dog can learn to ignore a cat, and a cat can learn to leave a dog alone and be relaxed around the dog. So, if you are worried that your dog might hurt your cat – or your cat might hurt your dog, then give us a call so we can help. In the meantime, be safe. You can even keep your dog on a leash when the cat is in the room so you can control his urge to chase and allow the cat to see and get used to the dog without having to be ready to run away. This is a good first step as well as a way to ensure everyone’s safety until you can get the training needed to be able to live leash-free and worry free.

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When dogs leap onto your bed, it’s because they adore being with you…. When cats leap onto your bed, it’s because they adore your bed.